This "Ancient Tropical Drink Hack” Made Me Look Unrecognizable...
Kelly Before Picture

[The old me]

“From 215 to 141 with a Simple Tropical Drink Hack!”

25 years ago, I walked the halls of my high school, barely noticed by anyone I passed, except for those that wanted to point and laugh.

That’s how it felt, anyhow. The nickname “Chubbs” had stuck with me throughout my school history, and all along I thought, I’d prayed, I’d lean out and finally lose that baby fat, but it never happened.

And the pain of being an outcast never went away. The whispers and snickers behind my back were as plentiful as the math homework. All I wanted, desperately, was to be accepted.

I wanted the chance to be seen beyond the numbers on the scale. Under the pudge of that size 16 wallflower was a girl that wanted so much to be “one of the cool kids”. Yet I was rejected at every turn.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. Depressed, I gave up and had what is probably the saddest graduating year in the history of the education system.

There was no point in going to my senior prom, and I opted out of attending graduation, even though I was awarded valedictorian.

The last thing I wanted was to be up on stage in front of everyone, in the spotlight and the center of attention. That sounded like pure torture.

During the next decade of my life things began to fall into place. I had a great career in real estate and found a confidence within myself I didn’t realize I’d had.

I lost some weight at long last with just a little effort at the gym – one, two days a week at most.

My body decided to work for me, instead of against me. I met a fantastic guy, who became a fantastic husband, and an even better father.

Success, love, health and family.
I Had It All.

Life Was Amazing Until One Day, I Couldn't Zip Up My Favorite Jeans Anymore...

One day 5 years ago, when I couldn’t zip up my favorite pair of jeans, I remember thinking to myself, “I’m just bloated, no biggie.”

But then the next day was the same, and the next week, and a month later I couldn’t even get the button done up.

What was going on? I hadn’t changed my eating habits, and I was still active. Why was I suddenly gaining weight?

That familiar dark cloud of depression was looming overhead, and I felt like I was sliding back into the black hole that was my adolescent years.

My husband, who even at 58 years old, still had washboard abs, didn’t seem to care. He loved me for me, he said. I was heavier, yes, but he still loved me and was attracted to me.

As nice as that was to hear, the problem wasn’t him. It was me. I couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror, and I had become incredibly self-conscious around everyone.

It was impacting my life, my job, and my health.

How in the world had I gained 74 pounds so quickly?

I visited my doctor and he warned me my blood pressure was rising and I was getting to the point of having diabetes, heart health issues, or worse!

I assured him my lifestyle hadn’t changed and I didn’t know what was wrong, what caused this decline. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You’re getting older. It happens. Count calories and go to the gym.”

I wanted to scream! That was exactly what I’d been doing since the moment I realized the scale was creeping upward.

The eating was the easy part, but the gym? Every day I left feeling like I’d been hit by a train – everything hurt, my lungs burned, my mind was foggy. I was exhausted. And hungry!

Yet day after day, nothing changed.

My best friend commiserated, telling me she was going through the same thing I was. She’d flat-out given up trying. Could my doctor have been right? Could it really be just an age thing?

I was ready to let it go and just accept it as she had, until that one fateful day, 8 months ago, when the mail arrived. I had received a “Save the Date” notice of a High School Reunion.

The thought of going, looking like I did, even heavier than I was back in the day, made me want to curl into a ball and die.

That’s it, I decided. Time to get hardcore!

I had eight months to shed these pounds. No problem. I was filled with determination and positivity. I could do this.

I amped up my visits to the gym, and my effort while there. I drank plenty of water, ate plenty of fruits and vegetables and never went a calorie above my target.

Nothing changed.

I hired a personal trainer, added long walks at 5 a.m. to my routine. Still the same. I fasted, tried fad diets, and yet, the scale refused to budge.

It wasn’t fair. I was working so hard, yet I couldn’t even get up the stairs to go to bed without losing my breath!

I couldn’t go on a walk without my knees hurting. I didn’t even have the energy for date night. Why wasn’t it working?

With only four months left till the reunion now, I was running out of time, and getting desperate.

Angry and depressed, yet still determined, I vowed to get back to my old self, one way or another.

My husband and kids encouraged me every day, not once making me feel like the failure I believed myself to be.

One day, my husband suggested trying out Susan, a holistic nutritionist a client of his recommended.

I was soured to the thought of visiting any kind of doctor after the complete and utter lack of help my family physician was, but I was ready to try anything, so I booked an appointment with Susan.

Little Did I know What My Holistic Nutritionist Was About to Tell Me, Would Change My Life Forever

Kelly After Picture

[The new me!]

Within a few minutes of describing my history to the Susan, she smiled at me and shook her head. “Andrea,” she’d said. “The problem isn’t what you’re eating".

“The problem isn’t how often you’re working out or what you’re doing. What you’re dealing with, I’ve seen so many others deal with, too. Even I went through it!”

She laughed when she noticed my expression of disbelief. “I wasn’t always a size 4, Andrea. At one point, I looked just like you.” I was astonished. How did she do it?

She told me about an all-natural ancient tropical drink hack that not only changed her life, but the life of so many of her patients, too.

She was positive if I incorporated this one little thing into my routine, my life would change.

She scribbled on a notepad and handed me the sheet. There was nothing on it except for a link to a video she wanted me to watch.

“Check it out,” she encouraged. “I did extensive research on this before I tried it myself. I promise it is exactly what you need.”

Still skeptical, I watched the video as soon as I got home. I even showed it to my husband.

Together we pored through real reviews and poked around into the science behind the claims, trying to understand as much as we could.

Lack of sleep, high stress, and imbalances in the body prevent you from shedding excess weight, no matter how well you eat, or how hard you work out.

But this all-natural tropical drink loophole – this just might help.

After adding the drink trick to my morning routine, amazing things started to happen

I became a believer.

With not much time left before the reunion, I added the drink trick to my daily breakfast routine.

After the first day, I’d hoped to see the numbers drop and was disappointed when nothing changed.

My husband, bless him, told me to be patient. It hadn’t even been 24 hours.

The next day I hopped on the scale and was down 2.4 pounds. I was shocked.

The day after, another few pounds. I had gotten so accustomed to seeing the numbers rise, I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Day after day, week after week, my weight was dropping.

It was working!

And not only was I shedding unwanted pounds, but I felt so much better!

I was happier and more energetic. The depression that had crept in dissipated. I slept like a baby through the night.

I stopped counting calories and went back to eating more freely, regularly incorporating some of my favorite foods like pasta and pizza and chocolate.

And yet the numbers kept going down! I was thrilled.

In the end, I never ended up going to that reunion. There was no one there I needed, or wanted, to impress.

The mere idea of going and seeing those people again was just the trigger I needed to get my life back on track – for me, for my husband and for my kids – not to show up the bullies I went to school with.

I told my best friend about the tropical drink hack and she started on it too, and looks amazing!

My husband loves that I got myself out of that depressed shell and I’m back to being the real me – full of spunk, outspoken and ready to have some fun!

With all this new energy I have, we’re constantly on the go, dancing, dining, and vacationing!
Instead of always covering up myself, I now turn heads and enjoy showing off this incredible new me!

Discover the powerful tropical drink hack that changed my life!
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